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About the Missouri Capital Asset Advantage Treasury

The MOCAAT Liquid Series is comprised of money market instruments designed to meet daily liquidity needs. The primary objectives of MOCAAT are to provide a competitive investment yield, preserve capital and maintain liquidity. In addition, MOCAAT offers Fixed Rate Investments for customized investment horizons.

MOCAAT is governed by a Board of participating entities and sponsoring associations that has full authority over the affairs and investments of the pool. MOCAAT has engaged with PMA Financial Network, LLC, PMA Securities, LLC and PMA Asset Management (“the PMA companies” or “PMA”) to provide services for MOCAAT, with the Board overseeing operations and performance of the Program. With over $36 billion in assets under administration* as of September 30, 2022, PMA has been serving public entities in the Midwest for over 35 years.

Designed in the interest of public entities, MOCAAT is a complete investment program offering a wide range of tools for Missouri schools and cities.

MOCAAT programs include:
  • Competitive Liquid Investment Options
  • Customized Online Reporting and Transactions
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Bond Proceeds Management
  • Fixed Income Investments
  • Credit Risk Analysis

Through the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement, MOCAAT provides a vehicle for investment in U.S. government obligations, agencies, commercial paper and other high-quality short-term instruments. The combined purchasing power of Missouri public entities allows the program to attract competitive interest rates for Participants.

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*Total assets under administration include both money market pool assets for which the PMA companies serve as fund administrator/accountant, marketer/distributor, fixed income program provider (brokerage services), and/or investment advisory, or separate institutional account management.