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MOCAAT Liquid Series

The MOCAAT Liquid Series is comprised of money market instruments designed to meet daily liquidity needs. The primary objectives of the MOCAAT Liquid Series are to provide a competitive investment yield, preserve capital and maintain liquidity.

With the experience and expertise of PMA, MOCAAT offers our investors access to a powerful investment management team that functions with a high standard of vision, synergy, and quality.

Fixed Rate Investment Program

The Fixed Rate Program allows Participants to purchase investment instruments, including FDIC insured or collateralized certificates of deposit (“CDs”), government securities and municipal securities.

Institutional relationships with some of Wall Street’s most experienced professionals and an extensive local financial institution network enables MOCAAT to provide Participants with world-class fixed income opportunities, including multiple durations of:

• Statute Allowable Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
• Government Securities
• Municipal Securities

With a unique set of investment products and services developed by PMA, the MOCAAT team can maintain safety of principal, adequate liquidity and maximize interest earnings with a focus on short-term investment horizons. For Fixed Rate investments, our investment strategy focuses on matching clients’ self-directed investments with anticipated liabilities to maximize interest income. Products are offered after completing a competitive bid across our investment providers.

For more information, please contact our Missouri team here.

Limited Term Duration Fund

The MOCAAT Limited Term Duration (MOCAAT LTD) Fund seeks to provide excess income over money market and deposit products while maintaining limited price volatility.

Investment Approach and Features:

  • Diversified, short-term, investment-grade fixed income securities
  • Average maturity of 0-2 years, targeting one-year Fund duration
  • Structured to protect capital and enhance income
  • Minimum credit quality of portfolio holdings: A1/P1 or A, as applicable
  • Fund investments compliant with Article VI, Section 16 of the Constitution of Missouri
  • The portfolio is designed with limited duration to control price volatility
  • Integrated Fund reporting

MOCAAT Limited Term Duration (MOCAAT LTD) Series Fact Sheet